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The Growth Company Big Interview series with Lisa McPhillips – Episode 1

Would you like to grow your #sales with better #marketing? 🚀🚀🚀 Of course, you would! 💙 Listen in to The Growth Company's next BIG INTERVIEW with Lissa McPhillips, the founder of

I really enjoyed chatting with Wayne Denner and Martin Murtagh MSc, MCIM yesterday on The Growth Company 🚀 #BigInterviewSeries.

We covered a lot of topics like:

🤔 Why do some businesses see marketing as an expense as opposed to an investment?

🤔 What exactly comes under the marketing umbrella?

🤔 Where’s a good starting point for a business looking to invest in their Marketing?

🤔 What pitfalls do I see businesses falling into when it comes to marketing?

🤔 Is marketing really necessary for every business?

And there was a great question in from an attendee around how to bring Brand Values to life.

So, stick on the kettle, make yourself a cuppa and 
have a listen 🎧


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