Kick Start Your Marketing

As a small business owner, you wear many hats – you’re the Accountant, the Salesperson and most likely the Marketing Department too – and trying to become an expert in all these areas can be a never-ending struggle. And I know, I’m a small business owner too!

When it comes to your marketing, you’ve probably read hundreds of articles on what you “need to do” to promote your business - from identifying your target audience, to social media, advertising and maybe even events and sponsorships. But where do you start and what do you focus on first?

That’s where I can help.

I’ve worked in and with many SMEs and I can help you identify and solidify your overall business marketing objectives. From there, I can either provide you with one-to-one consultation to talk you through the many different ways you can promote your small business, or, can develop a plan that is tailored to your specific business and is achievable within your budget and time you have available to spend. You can then choose to execute this yourself or I can provide assistance as needed.

Either way, before you invest your valuable time and money going down a rabbit hole of unsuitable activities, give me a ring and together, let’s make your business stand out.

Outsource Your Marketing

Think of me as your Senior Marketing expert!

I will work with your in-house team to conduct a deep-dive audit of all your current marketing activities and make recommendations to evolve your marketing in-line with your expanding business. You can then implement these recommendations in-part or in-full internally, or outsource the execution to me – whatever works best for you.

So, if you’re looking to

  • Reinforce your Brand

  • Redefine your business goals

  • Identify key metrics such as lead traffic to sale conversion ratios, website traffic, social media engagement, target personas etc

  • Develop the internet as a sales channel

  • Enhance your business’ communications

  • Improve relations and loyalty with existing clients

  • Expand into new markets and attract new customers


then we should work together.


I have extensive experience developing robust marketing strategies that deliver the results your business needs to compete successfully in today’s ever-more competitive marketplace.

Add Clarity to Your Marketing

As a business person, you know that the markets in which you operate are constantly moving – as are your customers’ requirements and how they engage with your Brand.


So, doesn’t it make sense that your marketing strategy be agile enough to support new business demands and allow you to respond to opportunities in an realistic timeframe?


If you feel that your business is constantly fire-fighting instead of looking at key strategic initiatives that will deliver over the long-term, I can help by.


  • Evaluating Work in Progress – are current projects worthwhile and driving KPIs or are they simply time-consuming tasks that detract from the bigger picture?

  • Reviewing the Planning Process – how long does it take to get from conception to execution and are you getting the results you need or are you always lagging behind your competitors?

  • Prioritising Workloads - to compete successfully, plans must be flexible and adjustable on a real-time basis. I will help you put a framework in place that allows you to remain focused on the long-term, high-worth goals, while having the bandwidth to respond to and deliver short-term requests when required.


Be ready for whatever comes your way with Dynamic Marketing.

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